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This is also true for our personal identity. It is essential to be 21 years old or the minimum age for your state to visit this website and/or buy CBDfx(tm) CBDfx(tm) products. It also assists in providing the identity of our family; it has been established by historical records. The information we provide on our site is designed to give general details on our products , and is not intended to be used as medical advise or a prescription.

It is important to note that it is important to study history as it can help us to understand. CBDfx(tm) cannot be held responsible for any information that appears in testimonials of customers or reviews of products. is crucial to the individual as well as society, as it has beauty. These are the opinions of the consumer, not that of CBDfx(tm) nor any affiliates of CBDfx(tm). Wherever we go, whatever aspect of our lives there’s always a history. CBDfx(tm) services and other information are offered on this website as per the Terms & Conditions as well as the privacy policy. It forms the foundation of everything that’s happening in the present because of what happened in the past. The Top 10 most important events in The European History.

Without the past, we’re nothing. This European history has witnessed several levels of ups and downwards in order to achieve the current state. We’ll be ignorant of the world around us. You must be aware of these elements that have shaped European the history of Europe. This is among the most crucial aspects of our lives. Check out these lists of most important events in European history.

The present and the future we’ll have tomorrow will always be influenced by our history. Ten The Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution maintains a period that witnessed a massive technological, economic social, as well as cultural changes that affected humans and is usually equated to be the shift from hunting and gathering to farming.

IELTS Mentor "IELTS Preparation & Sample Answer" At its most basic it was a mostly agricultural world economy built by manual labour was transformed into an manufacturing processes with the help of machines. Write Task 2. The precise dates don’t appear to be established, but the years 1760/80s until the 1830/40s were the more frequent, with development beginning in Britain and spreading across the globe, including in those in the United States. IELTS Sample 714: Studying the past is of no value in the present day world. 9. 2. Reformation.

Writing Task IELTS/ IELTS Essay: The Reformation caused a split of the Latin Christian church during the sixteenth century , which sparked Protestantism and led to a major split which continues to the present day. You should be able to devote about 40 minutes to complete this task. 8: The Renaissance. Discuss the following topic: The Renaissance was believed as a social and scientific movement, which was centered around the rediscovery and use of ancient texts. To some people , the past has no value in our modern society. They believed in the time of classical antiquity. What are the reasons why you think it is necessary to study the history of the past?

What impact will it have in the event that children do not learn historical facts? It took place in Europe around. 1400-c.

1600. Provide reasons to support your answer, including any relevant examples from your personal knowledge or experiences. The Renaissance could also be a reference towards the same period in European history, which spanned roughly the same period. Write at the very least 250 words. The debate over what created the Renaissance remains a mystery.

A few people are not convinced for the importance of studying the past as it’s small-minded and doesn’t have any significance in our current society. It was in essence an intellectual and cultural revolution which was tightly connected to the political and social world in the last fourteenth century through the early seventeenth century, despite the fact that it’s generally limited to just the 15th and 16th century. Some, on the other hand think that the past plays important aspects in understanding current life and making crucial choices for the future. The Renaissance also brought with it significant changes to the fringes of Europe. So , in this essay I will look at both points of view, and then make my own position about the issue, which will be as well as the consequences of not teaching the history of our children.

Islands like Malta saw a lot of turmoil because wars like the one among Muslims and Christians during the Great Siege of Malta defined whether the rest Europe was going to remain under the sway of the ruling class, or would it be the start of the reign by the Turks. In our modern times there is no doubt that looking back at the past can be immensely beneficial in understanding our current world issues. 7. There is a saying which states it is "history essays continues to repeat itself" This is the reason that if we go through the past and study it without leaving any details to chance, we’ll have more chances to identify future issues and it is undisputed that the problems could be solved quite quickly. The Enlightenment. Human conflicts, inventions , and social issues across all time periods are quite similar which is what makes studying the past vital. The Enlightenment can be defined in a variety of ways and at its most broadest was an intellectual, philosophical and cultural movement that occurred during the seventeenth and 18th century. Without understanding the past, we can’t understand the reason why a specific civilization prospered in comparison to others and the reasons why certain nations fell.

It was a call to logic, logic, critique and freedom of thinking over the doctrine of religion, as well as beliefs that were deemed to be superstitious. This knowledge could give us an insight that can assist us in our journey. Logic was emerging in a new worldview, which claimed that empirical observations and the analysis of the world can reveal the true nature of our society and the entire universe.

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